isabel_free (isabel_free) wrote,

i need to sleep

 i don't know what to do about Shannon Haggett. 
What does equanimity mean anyways? 
I wonder when Allison will die.  I wonder when I will too. 
I hate my video project.  What if it's a eulogy?  I love my friends, if I could delete myself out, I'd feel much better.  Today Joe killed a football, shot it dead.  I tagged my mom's garage while she was at my house watching the packer game.  There are parts of my life I'd like to rewind to and hit pause.  Last night it was 1:08 twice.  Can I invoke some daylight savings time in my life.  Kutsch told me Charlie and his friend were talking in the car and his friend said I am way younger than the woman who died and for sure younger than his mom.  I am way older than them both.   It'll be nice to get back to writing.  Multi media reminds me too much of my life. i miss the  river of dead bulls, laying naked on a hot rock, 2000 lightyears from home.
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