isabel_free (isabel_free) wrote,

Kind Doctor

Called me sweetheart and told me I had a cute hat, and that I couldn't get rid of him yet. I told him I did for 6 years (not 7 oh well). He explained in words I half understood. The good part is I couldn't explain it to anyone if they asked. Jah is kind, even when he is cruel.

Gopal layed it down for me. I walked through the snow with a Papaya. The devotee shoveling the sidewalk struggled for the words to describe the fresh snow. In unison we said "bright"

I owe Luke a small fee for peeling my clementines. He tacked the rinds to teh wall next to RAdha and Krsna in my office. That makes it an offering right?

My Dakini went to Leohnard Cohen with Mark. I remembered why I couldn't. But maybe I was there, invoked at some point. I'm going to go to sleep now.
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