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This Old Thing!

Where to post, where to write, wherever will I go to tell my secrets to? It's dusty but it still fits. Luke pleaded with me to go with him to Keep It Dirty 3 so he could meet a FB friend that would make an acceptable lover. Luke worried that I'd be too sick and checked daily to ensure I'd be good to go. We met at his house about 9:30 ish so he could finish his costume and I could put on mine. He fretted that we wouldn't get there until 11:00 p.m. We left in separate cars because he needed to make a stop. Then he disappeared into some chemical excursion that delayed his arrival by 2 hours, leaving me to "face the music" alone.

I prayed before I entered the bar. I literally sat in my car to get my magick in order debating whether or not to even go in. I hadn't had time to plan for more than accompanying Luke, so my costume was last minute and understated. I however found it brilliant in that way that I alone tend to appreciate my art. I'd read that the party would include a blood filled wrestling mosh pit and that people planning to get messy should bring extra clothes. This inspired me to wear white. I wore a top layer of simple white cotton and a black underlayer. I figured I could spend the first part of the night pure, and then get bloody. I would stain my innocence and virtue with one forbidden move. Then having "fallen", I would strip down to a witchy black tango skirt and finish the evening in my natural evil state of partial undress. I even had white underwear over black underwear. I hadn't accounted for everything but I was mostly pleased. I had even grabbed my black rubber rain boots on my way out the door, recalling that when I bought them in Seattle I had figured they could cross over to fetish in a pinch.

I looked frumpy. My white skirt was pleated and lined, went well below the knees. I looked plain, neither sexy nor deliberately the opposite. I was the antithesis of costume, save maybe the rubber boots. Would I be able to transform?

I found friends and praised Jah that one of them would dance dirty with me. This came as a shock, like the universe throwing me a bone. She was one of my gopi singers and rap heroes. I will make erotic art with her before I die, I swear it. We shared her, me and some guy that is, one her current or former lovers I think.

I got so hot I had to leave....temperature wise. I went outside to cool off. All those layers plus it was at least a thousand degrees. The blood pit hadn't arrived, and wasn't scheduled until after 1:00 a.m someone said. I debated whether to just layer down. But my white frumpy skirt was proving fun. I could pull up the top layer and do all sorts of fun moves with it. The bottom layer was shear. I was making the most of it. It was after all the "Keep It Dirty" party catering to queers, know folks who arent afraid to cross dress, undress, kiss random strangers.

When did we kiss? I think it was after the bloodbath. I was feeling so much lighter maybe. My red goo soaked skirt, shirt, and white underwear were hanging off some chair in a corner. My goo drenched rubber boots were against the wall. I was down to a reasonable layer of attire, just scanty enough to be acceptable, but not really slutty. It was halloween. There was no use in trying to be slutty on the sluttiest day of the year. Concede before even engaging. Don't even try...

The kiss was an unexpected, long, deep, and very blissful. I didn't see it coming. He hadn't once tried dancing up on me all night. I completed a sandwich with him on the other side of our gooey gopi girl middle, and then moved my way around her slowly into his space. He grabbed me firmly and began dancing. I was shocked. He was young and had a very good body. I confirmed this later when I saw him naked. He seemed like he could be as into guys as girls. Later a guy with a face painted like a ghoul tracked him down to try to get his number. I'd seen them dance, but didn't see them kiss. Who knows, maybe he kissed him too, maybe I was a thousand kisses deep.

I almost worried for a moment that people I knew were spying me and this hot guy kissing. Luke missed it. He missed both kisses, the two way kiss and the three way kiss. Luke later told me I was dancing very dirty. Really? How dirty? I honestly would like to know this. I don't think I have one move left these days.

It was a long hard wet deep kiss, decisive and passionate. It seemed to almost take on a life all it's own. I don't know if it was 60 seconds or three minutes. No, it definitely was not 3 minutes, that would have made it a "make out" and it was really just a long kiss. I think he may have been as surprised as I was. I kissed him back without even the slightest reluctance. Maybe he just knew I needed to be kissed long and hard in the open air, for all the world to look on in disapproval. Later when all three of us kissed, I imagined we should have an orgy. But then I realized that would just wreck it. A kiss like that best just stand alone, complete and free.
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