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i had a nice chat with lena

about dead ladybugs and old art projects and aleister crowley.  i played pool with nathan and mark and read recent things they had written by pool table light.  i took 3 naps yesterday, 1 in infinite space, 1 at the first hotel parking lot on 27th off the exit, and one in the george webb's parking lot off the 36 exit. i am so broke, i've begun selling bjs to my husband again.   lena liked my book, the one for jinpa that he died before i could give him.  i'm working on the mountain method of mate, so that i always have a dry patch of mate upon which to survive apocolyptic floods.  i gotta get the auction dinner invitations to the printer by 4:00 or I'll be dawgmeet at the the yacht club.   i think what's importatnt here is that i  am back on the horse.
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