isabel_free (isabel_free) wrote,

my cuntry tis of thee...

sweet land of liberty...

funny how one wrong word can make all the difference. decided not to fix my typo, but for the record it was one.

everything is different again, change is in the air. outside a siren is blaring. wally will be here soon. mark has my car, he's using it to delivery pizzas. aaron is finally going to visit my home, and he's bringing a vanagon full of folk apparently, at least one I've never met, but am "gonna love" for sure.

i finally got to dance with chris--his OTO tattoo and new hairdo glistening with sweat. I nuzzled up to Laura, some stranger nuzzled up to me. The girls all seemed to be 15 and perfect. The music took me back and forward and elsewhere in that way that bliss does...on a good day.

i left my old job. i start a new job on tuesday. i don't know what to do about my cyber rabbit rockstar, or the 20 year old former member of the virgin club. i'm a pornographer and my version of secret, that i thought meant sacred, private, discreet, actually meant drama, gossip, trash talking. uhhhh the downfall of all that is pure and good rest upon my evil scarlet tresses uno mas veces. alas

wally got here early--20 minutes. bye gotta fly.
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